Support for an unknown Artist


In the 20 years time that I am an professional artist I have never run behind anyone to get support what so ever. Never I asked for anything. All what I did was done with compassion and pleasure.


But, 20 years is a long time and that makes you think and realise there is an other side on the medal! 


Today unfortunately, I have the feeling that every year it is getting worse and worse what my income concerns. Often I do shows on long distances, but most of the time without sales! These shows cost money, time and energy. I always have to think and therefor often decide that I can not afford to do a show, to buy material or whatsoever. 


In 20 years time I did not make any money at all, the only thing I made was sculptures  


That's life of an artist you might think, and I will not argue on that, but I can insure you that with all the efforts I have done already, I personally have the feeling that my work is worth more than just the survival life it brings me. I am not looking to become famous, that's the last thing I even want, but to live with the idea that I don't know if I would have become an artist if I had known what I know now, is ...

It was a choice, I am not disappointed, but it's a tough one.  Not to loose moral under these conditions is one other hard struggle. I have never recommended this way of living to anyone else, even tho many people envy my lifestyle. I can tell you, it is more in the head and the persistence that the battle is won. 


So, now the idea came to my mind, there might be some people (at the other side of the globe, haha) who would, out of sympathy, like to support me by a (small) donation? To pay for some gasoil, to buy some welding gaz, ... 


Those who already enjoyed seeing my work, or those who just "like" it online, those who are "fan", ... and want to support this journey ... feel free to help to overcome some struggles for the unknown artist I am. 


Thank you. 

David on the 1st of Mai 2018 (International Labour Day)



If you would like to do a donation true an other way, you can write me an email at the same address. 


mecene d'artiste

donate for art

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"I am a professional artist, every six seconds
I think of my sculptures"



"Je suis un artiste professionnel, toutes les six secondes je pense de mes sculptures. "


"Ik ben een professioneel kunstenaar, ieder zes seconden denk ik aan mijn beelden."






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