Catalogue David Vanorbeek Sculptor

Because an Artist who has a catalogue is taken more serious (haha) and because having a catalogue is an extra way of making my work public I made this small book. It gives you an overview of works made in between 1999 and 2013, from the tiny Insect-sculptures towards Abstract and Monumental Art.


This book gives you the possibility to discuss my work with your friends and that makes it an interesting item for your library.


Third edition ©2013, 54 pages in colour, 20 x 20 cm, in English and French.


I decided NOT to earn money on the sales, that is why the cost is very reasonable €13,16/ 17.45 USD.


If it is not for yourself, I believe it can be a pleasant present for an art-loving-friend.  To purpurse follow the link.


Thank you.

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Catalog David Vanorbeek Sculptor

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