The withered creatures of Vanorbeek

Art sets out from a reality, adding a distinct dimension to it ... that of its creator. In doing so, David Vanorbeek creates a new world, inhabited by beings living in a new lease of life covered in a different skin, the skin of the inanimate. David literally strips his creatures of all skin, retaining only the very essence. In his skilful hands, twined iron and bronze wire wreathes into a compact assemblage.


Vanorbeek lives in a world populated with disproportionate insects. He presents a magnified reality that imposes respect. His aesthetic intervention comes close to calligraphy with the purest forms and the most vibrating volumes. By twisting iron wire, he displays his spiders, ants and other insects through a magnifying glass.
Each of his creations takes life with force and makes the observer compromise between creation and recreation, life and death, fear and humor.
Today, Deev is moving towards more abstract art. He invites you to discover his work live in his atelier or on his website. 



Insect Sculptures

Figurative art