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My name is David Vanorbeek and I am a professional sculptor.

My website is

A few week ago I received an interesting invitation to take part in an exhibition to be held in Venice in 2017.

 The Global Art Affairs Foundation invites me as a sculptor to be present in their next "Personal Structures" exhibition which is to be organised in collaboration with the European Cultural Centre. Normally that show will be validated (as it has been in several past editions) by the organisation of the Venice Biennial so that they become official partner of the 57th International Art Exhibition with this event. That means that the expo will have the logo of the biennial and will run from May 13 – November 26, 2017 in Venice. In the past a lot of real good artists have participated in the PS exhibitions. In the following link you can get more details and an impression of the quality an profissonalism of the organisation. 


Certainly look at the rubric "The artists".

Of course I am trilled and flattered that they ask me to be one of their participating sculptors and before I go into details in how, what and so on, the theme of the exhibition is always the same: TIME, SPACE, EXCISTENCE. I do believe as well as the organisation does that some of my works fit very well in on these interesting subject.

However, before we go into philosophical talks, back to reality for a moment ...

We all understand that putting up a show of that level takes time, knowledge and certainly money. However the foundation covers the biggest part on costs, they are obliged to ask participation of their artists. The amount being asked is in between 7000 and 15000€. This of course is a lot of money but to be placed in these conditions I believe worth at least trying to find. Artists who are in my case what finances concern look for sponsors. That can be local politicians, businesses, galleries, private,...

Some politicians and private (friends) business-people I already contacted. The five main sponsors will be mentioned in the catalogues. 

So, to not go to long I believe you hear me coming. Soon X-mas, few days later my birthday, new year ...

If you feel like helping me out on this one ... You might consider a contribution? Anything is welcome, small or big. 

Personally I don't have that money and it would be a pity that that would be the stumbling-block. I believe participating on such a high level in the art world is not only a recognition for my work of the last twenty years, but could be a fantastic opportunity to grow as an artist.

You can make your contributions by click, if you prefer an other way with PayPal for exemple, my account over-there is

Last personal note, feel free. 

And give what you want or can, 5, 10, 25, 50, ...Euro


Thank you.

David Vanorbeek 


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Mon nom est David Vanorbeek et je suis sculpteur professionnel.

Mon site est

Il y a  quelques semaines, j'ai reçu une invitation intéressante pour participer à une exposition qui se tiendra à Venise l'année prochaine. La Fondation Global Art Affairs m'invite comme sculpteur à participer à leur prochaine exposition «Personal Structures» qui sera organisée en collaboration avec le Centre Culturel Européen . Normalement cet événement sera validé (comme les autres éditions dans le passée) par l'organisation de la Biennale de Venise afin qu'ils deviennent partenaires officiels de cette 57ème Exposition Internationale d'Art.  Cela signifie que l'expo aura le logo de la biennale et se déroulera du 13 mai au 26 novembre 2017 à Venise. 

Dans le passé, beaucoup de grands artistes ont participé aux expositions Personal Structures. Dans le lien suivant vous pouvez avoir une impression de la qualité et du professonalism de l'organisation.


Regardez certainement la rubrique "Les artistes".

Bien sûr, je suis flatté qu'ils me demandent d'être l'un de leur sculpteurs participants. Avant d'entrer dans les détails comment, quoi et ainsi, le thème de l'exposition est toujours le même sujet:  ´TEMPS, ESPACE, EXISTENCE ´

Nous comprenons tous que mettre en place un événement de ce niveau prend du temps, des connaissances et certainement de l'argent. Cependant, la fondation couvre la plus grande partie des coûts, ils sont obligés de demander la participation de leurs artistes. Le montant demandé est entre 7000 et 15000 €. Bien sûr, c'est beaucoup d'argent, mais je crois que ça vaut le coup. Les artistes qui sont dans mon cas cherchent des sponsors. Ça peuvent être des politiciens,  des entreprises, des galeries, des privés, ... Moi aussi j'en ai déjà contactés. Les cinq sponsors principalles seront mentionnés dans les catalogues.

Bref,  je crois que vous m'entendez venir. Bientôt X-mas, mon anniversaire, nouvelle an, ..


Si vous avez envie de m'aidez, vous pourriez envisager une contribution? Toute somme est bienvenue, petite ou grande.

Personnellement, je n'ai pas cet argent et ce serait dommage que ça serait l'obstacle. Je crois que pour moi d'y participer n'est pas que de la reconnaissance pour mon travail de vingt an, mais surtout une opportunité d'évoluer dans le monde de l'Art.


Vous pouvez faire vos contributions par clic, si vous préférez une autre manière avec PayPal par exemple, mon compte y est


Dernière note personnelle, sentez-vous libre. 

donnez ce que vous voulez ou pouvez, 5, 10, 30, 50, ... Euro

Je vous remercie de tout mon cœur.


David Vanorbeek

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Venice Biennal vanorbeek

An email I wrote to the Venice Organisation:



Hello Team,



Thank You also for your comprehension, I would have thought this money collecting would go more easily but ... Unless some solution falls out of the sky (which is always possible) I don't see an other option than to lend money somewhere. So I'll do my proposition with this writing and then I guess you'll give me a reply for what the cost would be!? I understand the more money someone can give the better placed will be his work. For as long you don't push my work in the toilets I am willing to do all efforts I can.


The work I want to present I have especially made for the exhibition. To explain why I came to this I need to give you some insight of who I am. First of all my sculptures are always very personal, close to my believes and my lifestyle, in fact they all are personal structures.


I have always had a huge respect for the wonder of life and therefor also for nature. This has cynically even grown true the fact that I lost my father when I was 14 years old. He was only 41. When this happens to you, at that age, you start seeing thing differently!


Since that day the things I see and do I consciencely or unconsciously give a sort of value. Important or not in (my) life. Life itself being the most important, but how to live it and what to do while living it are equally important. 


Being an independent creative is a result of this (forced) knowledge. So when I became a sculptor 20 years ago my first sculptures immediately were insects. Not because these are selling well, but because they deserve our attention. Maybe because they are so small I want to show (them) my respect, help them. I always felt that insects and all wild animals should be able to life the life they were born for. In more then 20 years I never killed an insect on purpose. My philosophy was and still is, they are born into this world as I am born into this world and because we are different doesn't mean ones life is better or more important than the other. I believe we both deserve rights for our own needs, life and space on earth. 


For many years I was only making insects and the best compliments people gave me were not buying my work, but telling me they would no longer kill a spider or an ant without it to be "necessary ". We all know how dramatically it is for bees and other pollinators nowadays and we all know human activity is the main reason for this going wrong. In fact bees and ants are more important for life on the planet than humans are. Without bees, ants, insects, earthworms, ... nature will die, without humans nature might have a chance to recover! Fish in the oceans, the whole ecosystem of oceans is more important for life on Earth than humans are. Humans are just one element of the chain. Everything is connected, but still most of us believe we are the most important species ever and we can rule over nature and other beings. 


It is time we stop exploiting space for our own selfish existence. 


Please don't get me wrong, I believe in joy, I believe in art, I believe in love, I believe in goodness, in a good and fine way of living (at this very moment I live in a castle myself ... , welcome) but always, always the most important thing is to respect our mother earth. Without her good health it is finished for all of us, for our children, for future generations. 


So, unaware as I was, while showing my respect for insects making these sculptures I was dominant over other animals. First of all because I was (we all were) being told it was necessary, natural and normal to eat animals. Never gave it one second of thinking, until my youngest daughter when she was nine made the connection. She asked us if the chicken we were eating was a real animal. She made the link, she told us, her parents to be very stupid people to eat our friends, other and innocent earthlings. She made the connecting and it didn't take long for our whole family followed her exemple. I am greatfull for the smart daughter(s) I have. 

Today I live a vegan lifestyle. In the first place because of my respect for other beings, my view on insects became a general view over all animals. Most people will go the other way around, starting with mammals towards all ... I started with insects. 


When I received your invitation and I wanted to place it in context with Time, Space and Existence the best word I could come up with was "life".


Often when I look at humanity I feel sad, I feel disappointed, angry or I become cynical. 

Nevertheless being cynical is often a creative way to get people's attention. 


So for the exhibition I made a creature, much more "important" than humans, big, selfish and dominant. It looks like a spider, but it ain't a spider, it look like an insect but it ain't an insect, it is just a creature which lives on planet earth as humans also do. Unfortunately humans are nothing against this heartless beast. They have no defence.


Natalie, my wife is a textile artist, she will make the humans. 

We have a Projet together "MetalloTextile" where both our materials meet, one being soft, colourful, light and warm, the other being heavy, hard and cold. Together they make a perfect balance giving each other what they don't find naturally within themselves. (


Here the creature is cold, heavy, dominant and the humans are soft, little and innocent. The creature however will have textile eyes and the humans will have rusty colours, that makes both of them not full 100% unequal. 

So this higher hierarchical creature keeps these humans in captivity and considers them as food. In a sort of fence, in the shape of a hart it keep his victimes inclosed. When you (the public is invited to do so) push a small metal bar on the sculpture (covered in textile where I will write "make the connection" on), the mouth of the creature opens, and then visitors should (don't know yet how I'll present it) make the link with eating and exploiting humans. 

The title is "I love humans, they must be full of proteins by now". Exactly what we humans say about animals we are eating. Hopefully this work will make a reflection on how we, humans, tread and domine animals ... At least more and more this subject comes in the actuality and more and more people become aware of what we are doing.


The space the sculpture will take is 200 X 100 X 100 cm, it will be easy to move with some pallets on wheels, no technical problems. 

I have some pictures included, the creature is not full 100% ready yet, it still needs eyes. The humans will be about 6 max 10 pieces. 


I choose to present the work because it represents two thing I find most important in my life, sculptures and animals. It is not that I am the biggest animal lover, it has to do with justice. 

Imagine Justice :)


(Yoko Ono wrote "Imagine Peace" on a mirror in an earlier edition of Personal Structures).


Greeting to all of you





Dear David, 


thank you for your email and for your sincere engagement in the field of contemporary art. 


We discussed within our team and it would be our pleasure to have your work in our Personal Structures exhibition, your concept fits nicely in our themes Time Space and Existence.

Regarding the presentation, we have long spoken within the team how to best proceed at this point. Being in a very late stage of the creation of our exhibition, we have already dedicated several spaces to different presentation.

We like your work and we are trying to find the best possible solution for it, we are optimistic we will be able to include you, however we will have to speak about your presentation in the space.

We would like to ask you the size of the Spider you might want to present in Venice, in addition, it would be useful for us to know how large is one human shape. 


We are confident that in case the overall presentation might not be very large, there might be still a few good chances that we might be able to present the Spider and one human Figure, we strongly believe your concept will be transmitted also by having this combination of one spider and one human.


As soon as we might hear from you we will be able to move forward and check space option where we can best present your work.


Regarding the financial issue, the exhibition support we unfortunately have to ask the minimum exhibition support amount of 15.000,- Euro. Please note, this amount covers not only the space itself but it includes also all costs related to your presentation in the Palazzo in Venice for the entire exhibition period (8 months: set up March - April, exhibition from 13 May to 26 November 2017, take down until 15 Dec.).


We are looking forward to have some more details from your side in the hope to be able to come to a cooperation.

Should you have any question please feel free to contact us at anytime through Skype or directly through the telephone.  


Looking forward to hearing from you, 


best regards from Venice, 


Bianca, Valeria and the GAA Foundation Team 






Hello Valeria and team, 



The size of the work is 200 cm long x 100 large x 100 high. This would be the metal sculpture and the humans together. One human is 35 cm high. It doesn't make any difference in size one or six humans, if I show this work it is with more than one human.


About the price I honestly don't understand. Since the beginning I have information from your organization that the price would be in between 7 and 15 thousand € related to the requested space and on the volume of the work. "We would like to remind you that the exhibition support amount, which we unfortunately have to request, will mainly depend upon the amount and type of space you wish to consider for your presentation. This to be agreed upon amount covers not only ..." So I thought I would go for the minimum money you requested so 7000€. Several times your team wrote that if I would not find the maximum amount, there would be solutions, so if I could pay 5 or 6 thousand, but suddenly the maximum amount of 15000€ is the minimum price you're asking. How much is it than for a monumental sculpture and if you need to manipulate then with machines and many people ...?  Is there no différence in price anymore? 

Enfin, this money I can't give, I don't have it, can't lend it.  


I life 1250 km from Venice, this would mean 7500 km of driving to bring, recuperate the work and be present at vernissage. This means also hotels, restaurants,... So with the minimum money you're asking now, this would cost me over 20.000€, sorry, a little bit risky not knowing it would bring me any results at all in the end.


Honestly I am disappointed; it took a lot of my time, very much, my energy and my emotions, during months I made publicly for your organization (7 times in newspapers, on several social media ...) 

Whenever people told me I should not do this because it "smells" I told them your organization was very serious and professional. I still believe that is so, but in the end the only and most important key is money. Welcome to the world David.


I heard about a woman sculptor who is going to be paid 15000€ by her own town, unfortunately I don't live in such a big, rich or cultural-minded town. I heard that most of the sculptors you've contacted true sculpture-network are trying to find that money, but so you will have to refuse lots of them too I guess!? 


The information you gave me was not correct! 

An other story for me to tell...










Hello René, 


Seen that I don’t get a reply any more from your organization I write you this mail. You have to explain to me Rene the logic behind the fact that suddenly my participation cost for Personal Scuctures exhibition is, quote: "MINIMUM 15000€". That reply I received on the proposition of my sculpture "I love Humans". 


For me that reply is not logic because during months, in several emails from several of your staff workers, was explained to me that the cost would be in between 7 and 15 thousand. The difference in price would have to do with volume of the sculpture, location where it would be placed and technical support needed.

In the same mail where GAAF wrote me my cost would be minimum 15000€ I am being asked the size, VOLUME of my work !!! ??? In my proposal I had written the size (which is 2m2 or 2m3) so how becomes the maximum amount from before suddenly the minimum???  

For me this is not logic !!! 

During months, in several emails by several members of your team I received the message that if I would have problems finding enough money, there would be solutions, so where are these solutions now? 


If I follow your logic, what would be the price than for a monumental sculpture now!? All of the sculptors you have invited suddenly have to pay 15000€ otherwise they are not in? Or am I the only one who couldn't come over the bridge with 15000? 

I have, as you had suggested yourself on the phone, contacted several politicians, businesspeople, friends, fans, to ask for financial support. I ended up lending 7000€ which I was going to give to you for my participation, with small volume, on not the best location and without any technical needs.

Unfortunately my town gave nothing, nor any business company.

So I was prepared to pay 7000 from my own pocket, adding 3000 for my trips, restaurant, hotel,... an amount I would have passed with financial support from others. You know as well as I do that making a living and supporting a family of four is not easy when art is your only occupation. You have to know also that your invitation took a lot of my time, energy and emotions. It would take 10000€ from my own money. 

I am very disappointed that this is the result for all my efforts. 

Soon journalists and fans will be asking why I don't participate, honestly I don't see the logic, so I can only explain like what I just wrote.


There is another explication turning around in my head. By putting the price that high all of a sudden you make it impossible for me to pay this amount, and therefore to participate. 


I imagine you and your team where surprised about the subject my work is about. I assume that most of you, as in our society also, are meat eaters and that my proposal feels uncomfortable to (some of) you. This I fully understand because in a way it is an attack. Only, my work is meant to be a mirror of reality, peoples behaving and our society. Maybe this sculpture provokes you because if you are a meat eater, this sculpture, the message obliges you to defend your "acting", you need to find excuses and justify for what you do. Deep inside almost every person feels that it is not correct to kill and eat animals.   


Art is often a good way to start a debate and that is the result I want to accomplish with this provocation. You might think visitors will be chocked by it!? I hope they will be, I hope they will start questioning their behaving. 

This sculpture I can defend 100 % because it is a truth humans can live a healthy life without eating animals. It is even healthier to do so and it is peaceful. The facts that we always have done it,  that it's our culture and so on, don't make it less evil towards these innocent animals. The main reason for continuing eating animals is because of taste and habits,  but is taste more important than a life than? Eating animals is not good, for nobody, not for your own health, not for the planet and certainly not for animals. A real fact is that we can't  continue like before, because that would be the end for humans and humanity. The future is vegan and like artist are often pioneers I live in that future already. 

As I wrote in my presentation I was a blind meat eater myself, I loved the taste and I thought it was necessary, natural and normal. I am glad that I made the connection. 


Today with all the knowledge I have it is my duty to defend and try to save as many animals as possible. I don't feel better than people who still eat meat; the only thing I know for certain is that I, David Vanorbeek, am a better person Now towards animals then when I was consuming them. 

I know lots of things about the subject most people don't know, all hidden facts. If people would know, lots of them would start crying. My only regret since being vegan is not to have become it earlier.  So again, if my works makes you uncomfortable, this is what I want. I feel uncomfortable and chocked every day, every time I come in a supermarket, every time I hear publicity on the radio, every time I hear people speak how tasteful there meal is,... To be vegan, I assure you is not easy in our speciesism society, you even loose friends over it, but I would never go back to the time I didn't realize what I was doing. 





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