with a deep respect for nature

I am a self-taught and independent artist since 1999, creating both figurative insect sculptures and abstract works, small or monumental, for indoor or outdoor spaces, some accessible and others more exclusive.



Since my childhood, I have been fascinated by the biodiversity of nature.


My insect sculptures, spiders, bats, frogs, and more, speak for themselves but the creation of abstract (monumental) sculptures has the same obviousness in relation to nature. 


Placing a sculpture near a tree draws attention to that tree. In return, the natural backdrop of mountains, trees, clouds, rocks, or water immediately places an artwork in its rightful place, with its rightful value.


Grateful for the experiences of my youth, I realize that a balanced environment can form the foundation of a happy existence. Through my work and research over the past 20 years, I hope to bring more attention, respect, and justice to life on Earth, both for animals (including humans) and plants.






GALERIE (edited pictures)




Older text: Metal Speaks to me

Self-taught artist creating sculptures of insects and abstract works in recycled metal