David Vanorbeek, exposition monumental metal art dans son Parc de Sculptures

"La consécration pour David Vanorbeek


Pami the 70 sites in 21 European countries, including two in France, which opened their doors to the public, David Vanorbeek participated in this event on the theme "Art in public spaces". His companion, Natalie Magnin, and he opened their park populated with sculptures to the castle of Lagravade, to more than forty visitors.

Let us recall that this couple of Belgian origin settled in Lot-et-Garonne two and a half years ago. He forges recycled iron for twenty years, while she works the textile. And from the union of their arts was born the Metallo Textile, the encounter of hard and soft, cold and warm. The ecological principle of recovery is fundamental for the couple, which gives a second life to the materials.

At the Venice Biennale

David Vanorbeek has just been selected to take part in the Venice Biennale, which will be held from 13 May to 27 November. An event that aims to show a complete panorama of contemporary art. A great recognition for the artist, who was selected in his category from more than 1,000 artists.

But such a manifestation entails costs of transporting the works and not least because they are estimated at at least 7,000 euros. Unfortunately, the artist can not count on any support from local authorities. A situation he considers unfair: "Rugby, for example, whatever its level, gets strong subsidies, culture is not as well considered by politicians," regrets the sculptor who therefore launched a crowdfunding, where everyone can contribute to the building so that they can participate in this event, which will most certainly never happen again."