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David Vanorbeek (artdeev) is a talented and professional sculptor, who comes from Belgium, but living and working in the South of France. He has a huge respect for nature and life. He is a happy man. We took an interview with David Vanorbeek and he told us about his love to art and creativity and we are pleased to represent this exclusive interview at AstrumPeople. Thank you for staying with us and enjoy reading.


AP: David, tell us about your first sculputures. What did they look like?

DV: My first work was a sculpture of a horse. It was approximately 10 years ago, I was already at the end of my twenties when I made this sculpture. I remember my mother asking me for years “Do you think that a job will fall on your head from the sky?”. I always thought it would!  And on that day it did. When I made the horse-sculpture of iron wire, I remember that I was thinking: one day my grandchildren (I didn’t have any children then yet) will say: “It is the first sculpture which our grandfather made!” It’s a funny thoughts, but I realised I found my job that fell from the sky.


AP: Do you have any formal education in Sculpture or were you self-taught?

DV: I am self-taught, both in sculpting and domain of metal. I think it is a good to be self-taught, pure, original and comes from your personal creativity. Sometimes I don’t even want to look at works of others; I am just afraid to be influenced. It happened that I had a good idea for a sculpture and later on I saw it on the Internet… Once someone was talking about one of my sculptures as if I had stolen the idea, which is certainly not true. That lady used the expression “L’œil fait voleur”, meaning “The eye is a thief”. I wanted to make the sculpture she was already talking about in a monumental version. Once the sculpture was finished, I stolen her title and called the sculpture “L’œil fait voleur”.



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