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"What do you do? How do you define yourself as an artist?

"I am a professional artist, every six seconds I think of my sculptures." I am an independent metal art sculptor, living an working in the south of France. In recycling metal I make figurative (insect-sculptures - more before than today), abstract and monumental art.


What is your message?

One of my needs is to be creative, I have problems with people telling me what to do, so I became my own boss.



Your biography in four lines.

Self-taught and independent sculptor. Since 1999. First years I made insect-sculptures, later it became abstract and monumental. Always with recycling metals.

Do you upload your work to the web? If so, where could we see it?



Facebook Fanpage:


Youtube (videos about my work):

How is an idea born? For you, what is inspiration?


"I don't need ideas, I need metal".

What I like the most is just start somewhere and see where it brings me. Of course sometimes I make sculptures which I "know" from before, but the most creative way is when you don't know.

What role does technology play in your creative process?

I need some machines to work with so welding- and cuttingmachines. For the rest I only work with recycling metal.



What is art?

Art is important! It is funny (and in a way it is not) in the area I live (south of France) there are so many farmers, hunters, ordinary people living away from the city that often the question they ask me about my work is: What is it for? Not even, what do you mean with it, what does it represent, no, what is it for?


A long way to go over here I'm afraid!


One of my clients told me that one of the first things he does in the morning is looking outside into his garden to my sculptures and then he gets a happy feeling. That is what is is for and what it is. It does something with you. For the artist it is the need to express.



When do you get your best ideas?

I never write down ideas, if they come in my head, they might stay or they might leave again. Most of the time I don't know what I am going to do next. I like this feeling, I don't get nervous not knowing what to do and I especially don't get frustrated about what I still want to realise,...because of a book full of ideas.



How do you evaluate whether an idea is good or not?

The value of a piece (of art) is in the eye of its observer. It has all to do with how you look at things.



When and how did you begin to see yourself as an artist?

When more and more people started calling me like that.



How should a work of art be evaluated?

The value is in the eye and the knowledge of the observer.

Must an artist reinvent him/herself everyday?

For me it is my job, so I need to earn money with my work. I never did something on which I taught it would bring me big money. I just do what I like and want, no compromises, no job next to it (my wife is an artist too). In time my sculptures have changed (from figurative towards abstract) so it stays interesting for me too.

There was a sculptor telling me I should never have stopped doing insect-sculptures, because I was known for it, but I did. I still can make them if someone like me to.



Is art necessary?

For me art it is necessary, to create and to observe. People who say not being interested don't realise that also their car, house, furniture, computer, even their dog is created in a certain way, and they have often chosen for this because of its shape, colour,... It speaks to them. Art speaks to us too.

Does it pain you to let go of a piece you have sold?

Yes, sometimes, but if it goes to a nice area and with the right people I am pleased it goes, it goes where it belongs. For me my work is mine as long as I work on it, once it is finished it is for everyone. That is why I place monumental work on private locations next to the road, everybody who comes by can enjoy (or not).

How do you feel about the fact that the pieces exhibited in contemporary art museums are often of artists already deceased?

They should create some museums worldwide for "only living artists", once you're dead you MUST leave the museum and go to a museum where most of the fellow artists R.I.P.

What role have the figures of art dealer, gallery owners, representatives, and intermediaries in general played in your career?

Until now ( dec. 2012) nothing much, in a way it is my own fault, I am prepared to work with them, but I am not looking for them, I believe they should find me (or not)."

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