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After being active for 15 years in their own professionalism, Natalie Magnin (textile art) and David Vanorbeek  combine their arts.
MetalloTextile was born, where the Metal meets the Textile, where hard meets soft, cold - warm, rust - purity ... where the man meets the woman, ...


Like in the Taoism, the harmonious interaction of opposites is the strength, the sweetness of this work.
  Recycling, recuperating, respect for nature is fundamental. The materials get a second life in this new form.
  The felted wool, the recuperated textiles printed with rusted metal objects, and the iron always recycled, create the natural balance.

The first exhibition of the artist couple was in January-February 2012 in The House of the Region, the Regional Council, Carcassonne.

A second show was from 17 until 20th of Mai in the Haute Vallée of the Aude : Artistesasuivre.







For ethical reasons (cause animal, environment), being vegan we will no longer use wool or silk in our creations. The art that already exist can still be seen at our home.







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