Deev Vanorbeek, Sculptures in Metal


The statuesque awsomeness of Deev's metal sculptures fill the French countryside with a  powerful sense of protection.  Metal has never seemed more alive nor has it captured the imagination with such a firm masculine grip.  Well known in the Languedoc area of France and a regular in the Artistes à Suivre, Deev Vanorbeek stands out with his impactful Metal artwork in an area proud of its art culture.

In his own words Deev shares his deep love of his medium and the respect he has for it's beauty:

"Firstly it calls to me, drawing me to it with a magnetic pull that is impossible to resist. I might be walking or driving when suddenly I know for certain that discarded and abandoned metal is nearby, waiting for me to find it. And I always do.

And then, when I see the beauty of the metal, it speaks to me again, telling me how it must be worked and shaped into a piece of sculpture that everyone can enjoy and share.

For me, the great joy in my work comes from turning something considered worthless into the artwork it becomes. In this way I am showing my respect for the metal.

The thread that runs like red wire through all my work is recycling. If I could, I would turn all the old metal and scrap iron I find into a museum of modern art. Just thinking of this idea makes my heart beat faster."


by Allison Carmichael

Metal art

Sculptor in France